Missouri State Bears vs. Newman Jets at Great Southern Bank Arena

Missouri State Bears vs. Newman Jets Tickets

Great Southern Bank Arena | Springfield, Missouri

Missouri State Bears vs. Newman Jets comes to town. This incredible game matches two of the league’s strongest teams together for a Saturday event you’ll never forget. You and thousands of football’s biggest fans will come together to cheer on two of the most beloved teams in the league. But will you throw in for the defending home team? Or are you hoping for an upset as the invading team shows up to win the day? No matter who you cheer for, it’s going to be an unbelievable afternoon of hard hitting fun. It may be the greatest day for football lovers in 2022 and certainly a highlight for football in Springfield this fall! Just imagine, you could be watching every drive, every pass, and every touchdown from the comforts of Great Southern Bank Arena seating. And let’s not forget that many sports reviewers have named Missouri State Bears vs. Newman Jets at Great Southern Bank Arena as contender for one of the leading games this season. So if you love football you can’t miss this chance! Mark your calendars for Saturday 5th November 2022 and make sure you have directions to come out to Great Southern Bank Arena in Springfield, Missouri. Then click the link today and buy your tickets while they last!

Missouri State Bears vs. Newman Jets at JQH Arena

The Football season is finally upon us with critics and fans saying that the greatest fixtures are likely to be taking place at the world famous Great Southern Bank Arena! The stadium staff have been working hard to make sure the field is in prime condition to host some of the biggest names in football, and can cope with some seriously massive hits! Teams are going to be coming every single week to try and get the better of the hometown team, but will they be able to? You must visit the Great Southern Bank Arena this year as you’re guaranteed an exciting experience, partly because this is the most popular football arena in the state! Don’t let another second pass without seeing the biggest Football games and the best players in the league go head to head, only at the Great Southern Bank Arena!

Missouri State Bears vs. Newman Jets at JQH Arena

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